Civic & Community Involvement

1965  Member of the Formation Committee for the Southern California Association of Governments
1965-1967  Founding Member of the California Management Council with H. C. “Chad” McClellan, president (forerunner of the National Alliance of Business)
1965-66  Recipient of a Nine-Month Graduate Internship in Urban Affairs by the Coro Foundation
1967  Author of “Preliminary Design for a Regional Information System as an Integral Part of a Statewide System”
1967-68  Member of the California Job Training and Placement Council, chaired by Robert H. Finch, Lt Governor of California
1967-68  Chairman of the California Industrial Training Committee
1967 Member of the Committee for Development of the Los Angeles, CA “Goals Program”
1968  As a Special Assistant to Governor Reagan, developed legislation for formation of the California State Human Resources Development Department
1970-71  Member, Federal Government Procurement Commission, Presidential Appointee
1971  Principal Investigator for evaluation of the Six Prisoner Education Program for the U.S. Office of Education
1971  Member of the Virginia Governor's Businessmen's Efficiency Task Force
1971  Principal Investigator of Montana's Rural Career Education Program for the U.S. Office of Education
1972  Incorporator of the American Indian National Bank
1973  Principal Investigator of the Handicapped Children's Early Education Program for the U.S. Office of Education
1971-74  Member, National Council on Indian Opportunity, Vice President Gerald Ford, Chairman
1975-81 Chairman of the Utah Indian Education Advisory Committee, Gubernatorial Appointee
1975-77 Advisor to the Utah State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Walter Talbot
1975-78  Founding Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for the Utah Endowment for the Humanities
1977-78  Director, Southern California Edison Environmental Evaluation of the Kaiparowits (Utah) Site as a potential major coal-fired, electrical power plant
1977-80  Member, Board of Trustees of the American Indian Heritage Foundation
1979-80  Vice Chairman, Interior Reorganization Task Force, Appointed by Secretary Cecil Andrus
1981-89  Chairman, Utah Board of Indian Affairs, appointed by Governor Scott Matheson, reappointed by Governor Norman H. Bangerter
1981-85  Member, Utah Council for Small Business
1981-83  Chairman, Committee for Paiute Self-Determination
1982-88  Chairman, National Advisory Council on Indian Education , Appointed by President Ronald Reagan, reappointed by President Reagan
1981-83  Member, National Commission on Excellence in Education, Appointed by Secretary T. H. Bell, Chaired by Dr. David P. Gardner, then President of the University of Utah
1981-87  Graduate Faculty in Management, NOVA University
1982  Evaluation, American Indian Teacher/Counselor Education Program of the University of Utah
1983  Evaluator, Ethnic Minorities/American Indian Training Program of the Southern Utah State College
1984  Recipient of the Spencer W. Kimball Bronze for Service to American Indians
1984  Member, Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economics
1984-86  Member, U.S. Department of Commerce Export Council, Appointed by Secretary Malcolm Baldrige
1985  Member, White House Conference on Small Business
1989-2000 Member, World Future Society
1989-90  Founding Board Chairman, Utah Entrepreneurial Forum
1990-2000  Graduate Faculty in Management, Walden University
1990-91  Member, Utah Information Technologies Industry Development Task Force
1992  Member, Utah Governor Leavitt's Transition Committee
1993-1997  Member, Utah Board of State History, Gubernatorial Appointee
1993-2001  Member, the New York Academy of Sciences
1994-2001  Member, the American Association for the Advancement of Science
1995  Chief Executive Officer, Recipient of the Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award for Utah, sponsored by Connecticut Mutual, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Nations Business Magazine
2003  Knight, Sovereign Order of St. John Hospitaliers, Knights of Malta
2008  Knight, Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem
2014  Member, Royal Canadian Military Institute
2015 Member, Utah Honorary Colonel's Association

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